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in the land of the living: примитивизм и христианство

странный, но интересный то ли синтез, то ли спор примитивистов и христианских анархистов.

In the Land of the Living is a collaborative publication drawing out themes of wildness and resistance in the Hebrew-Christian faith. We seek to reclaim the origins of this faith which are firmly rooted in resistance to civilization, with an emphasis on pursuing wildness and anarchy. We are interested in Christianity as resistance, not religion.
      Not everyone involved with this journal would identify as a christian or as an anarcho-primitivist. This is reflected in the variety of ideas and topics presented here. In general we draw from the works of theologians such as Jacques Ellul and Ched Myers. Their trenchant critiques of technology, civilization and the totality of the malaise resonate with certain anarcho-primitivist critiques exemplified by writers such as John Zerzan, Kevin Tucker and John Moore.
      We also draw heavily upon the works of Fredy Perlman, Susan Griffin, Derrick Jensen and Jesus Sepulveda. Anthropologists such as James Woodburn, Marshall Sahlins, Adrienne Zihlman and R. Brian Ferguson provide us with in depth accounts that clearly point to band society/ nomadic hunting and gathering as the preferred way for humans to live. This is a preference that is reflected throughout the Hebrew-Christian Bible.
Moreover we seek to resist the Totality (mediation, domestication, civilization etc...) the
physical and spiritual symptoms of The Fall.
We seek a wild awakening to undomesticated faith:In the Land of the Living.


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